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What we do


Overview of shareQ

ShareQ or شارك a Lebanese non-profit organization  launched by a group of dedicated young professionals in 2012.

ShareQ is dedicated to innovating sustainable social projects and implementing them in collaboration with different funding institutions, NGOs & Social Enterprises in Lebanon. It is devoted to design innovative solutions and finding ways of responding to market opportunities for socially, physically and financially challenged people all along with working on their mindset readiness so they work and lead a better life.


We’re helping hand on

To date, shareQ has launched four main units:

Job Integration

Where we design and implement a highly efficient job integration program for youth and women with social, physical or financial more


ProAbled will turn the entire recruiting process into an easy, practical and meaningful more

M Social Catering

Previously known as MommyMade, through which we cover corporate events up to 1200 people by providing them with professional catering services and innovative food solutions more

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