The psychologist specializing will evaluate individuals' capacity to handle the demands of the job market. As a psychologist, you will conduct comprehensive assessments, providing valuable insights into beneficiaries' psychological strengths, challenges, and readiness for professional endeavors. Your assessments will help guide and support individuals in their career development and decision-making processes.


shareQ is looking for an experienced psychologist to assist individuals in understanding their psychological profiles and capacities in relation to the job market. Your role will involve conducting assessments, interpreting results, and providing personalized recommendations to help beneficiaries enhance their employability and navigate career-related challenges.

Responsibilities and main duties:

  • Conduct individual psychological assessments to evaluate beneficiaries' psychological capacities, strengths, and areas of development relevant to the job market. 
  • Utilize standardized assessment tools and techniques to measure cognitive abilities, personality traits, interests, and aptitudes. 
  • Interpret assessment results, providing shareQ team with comprehensive feedback regarding their psychological profiles and their readiness to integrate the job market. 
  • Collaborate with the team to address any queries or concerns regarding the beneficiaries.
  • Prepare reports summarizing assessment findings, recommendations, and progress for approval and documentation purposes.

Job qualifications:

  • Minimum of 3 years of proven experience as a psychologist.
  • Proficiency in administering and interpreting a variety of psychological assessment tools and techniques, including cognitive assessments, personality inventories, and interest inventories.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills in both Arabic and English languages, enabling effective communication of assessment results and recommendations to a diverse range of individuals. 
  • Previous experience in providing one on one sessions for youth with disabilities is a plus.


  • Strong interpersonal skills, establishing trust and rapport with beneficiaries to create a supportive assessment environment. 
  • Mission-driven with a social spirit, genuinely committed to assisting individuals in understanding their psychological capacities and achieving their career goals. 
  • Leadership skills, taking initiative and problem-solving to guide beneficiaries in leveraging their strengths and addressing areas of development. 
  • Stress tolerance, maintaining composure and professionalism while working under pressure during assessments and when supporting beneficiaries through career-related challenges.

Application Submission Guidelines:

Kindly send us a dated and signed offer including the following information: 

  • Pricing for the completion of 100 sessions (Live and/or Online sessions)
  • Acknowledgement that you are ready to achieve the deliverables by June 2024
  • Acknowledgement that you accept Bank Letter Payment Modality

Kindly send us one email containing your CV and signed and dated offer to the following email address: 

We will send an award letter to the applicant selected for the position, while also sending reject letters to those who were not selected

Contact Person email: Christelle Al Balaa, 09-232658 ext. 85,

Selection Criteria:

Price Quality Past Experience Payment Method
35 35 20 10

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