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M Social Catering

M Social Catering ( previously known as MommyMade has grown over the years to accommodate all sorts of corporate events, ranging from 40 people to 1200, be it conferences, training, business lunches and other for companies, banks, universities and NGOs etc.

With a certified central kitchen, M Social Catering provides an extensive selection of Lebanese and international cuisine prepared by our expert chefs and nutritionists with the finest ingredients. Our food selection includes appetizers, salads, sandwiches, hot dishes, desserts, hot and cold drinks.

Our catering line was endorsed by Tom Wolfe, the international celebrity chef whose expertise in food fusion, product design, and world cuisines led him to be labeled the “go to” chef.

M Social Catering consistently delivers exceptional culinary expertise based on a comprehensive food solution that includes sur-mesure menus and all annex services such as equipment rental (table, chairs), cutlery, and live stations to a professional service team. All profits go to support the job integration program of shareQ.

Moreover, M Social Catering unit provides customized food programs designed by dietitians, chefs, and food experts and funded by donors or CSR departments of companies to cater food at schools for children suffering from social or financial challenges so they can eat healthier meals and perform better at school. Till date, we have cooked over 50,000 healthy meals that were distributed to 2,000 children and youth with social and financial challenges across Lebanon. Within this program, we are currently the snacks provider for several NGOs and INGOs working on education, livelihood, and support for refugees and Lebanese youth.


Contribute in others’ well being:

If you are hosting an event for 40 to 1200 people, by ordering from the finest M Social Catering line, you are supporting the unprivileged women and youth as all of the catering profits are reinvested in the job integration program.

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