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Since HR managers are facing difficulties finding technical employees to recruit and since candidates who are trained by NGOs and vocational centers can’t find job vacancies, ProAbled online platform is launched as an extension of the job integration program. ProAbled will turn the entire recruiting process into an easy, practical and meaningful one.

ProAbled is an online platform that connects HR departments with candidates trained by several vocational centers and NGOs who are ready to get employed. ProAbled helps you search, connect with trained applicants and recruit the right people for your job vacancies.

ProAbled will enable your HR team to be more productive while minimizing their efforts, as we are bringing together a large number of skilled trainees, including people with disabilities, ready for employment in customer service, secretarial, F&B, construction, industry and many other technical jobs.  

ProAbled registration rates are made affordable so that large, medium and small companies can use the platform and recruit candidates.

1. For companies that wish to recruit: Click Here to register for free and become more productive impact recruiters
2. For NGOs that want to collaborate and need support in employing their trainees: Send us an email on
3. For candidates who are looking for employment: Click Here to register individually


For further information, you can contact us at +961 9 232935 or +961 71 410444

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