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Job integration

Through the Job integration program, we support, train and employ unprivileged youth and women with social, physical and financial challenges from both refugee and local host communities, so they can have decent jobs and provide better lives for them and their families.

In order to secure employment for the unprivileged group and address this barrier, shareQ launched a job integration program dedicated to:

  1. Conduct market research for job vacancies
  2. Evaluate and recruit potential candidates
  3. Provide technical, soft skills and mindset readiness training programs
  4. Facilitate job integration
  5. Ensure candidates are followed up by Human Resource and psychological experts for 3 months for their job retention


If you wish to recruit candidates with the right combination of the right combination of drive, determination and genuine desire to work in different fields, get in touch with us on: 00961 9 232 935 – 00961 78 809 766 –

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